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Re: some thoughts

On 18 Apr 2007 at 21:43, Travis Hartnett wrote:

> about as appealing as the idea of having sex with (say) six people in
> an evening, thirty minutes at a time, with ten or fifteen minutes
> between each person.  

In my younger days, this would have certainly appealed, but even 
then, I *may* have struggled with 30 mins at a time ;)

> As an audience member, I really prefer to see one musical performance,

I understand your POV and agree in general, although a well-chosen 
support act is a big bonus - I've seen Queen, Focus, SAHB, Camel, 
Roxy Music and many others as support acts. I feel a Loopfest doesn't 
share the same capitalist ideology as, say, an Ozzfest and shouldn't 
really be assessed in the same way. Also, it's not as if we can pick 
and choose our looping concerts on a regular basis. In the UK, there 
are precious few per yearand mostly unpublicised.