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if anyone does not go to Y2K7 because of klobuchar's crazy thinkin i will clobber him!

In a message dated 4/18/07 10:46:05 PM, looppool@cruzio.com writes:

It would be wonderful do give a 45 minute looping performance in Pittsburgh
if I were to be invited
to do so................<smile>.........plus i will pay michael big bucks to do this

you're on bubo!.....:).....my thinking tonite was something along the lines of LOOPSTOCK lll but in a more comfortable spot ( kim's famous cookie factory type thang) where a group of loopers would hang for a WHOLE day, being set up at the same time so there are no sets and some mad jammin).....perhaps this is not a festival but more of a looping event, english is my second language keep in mind!.....:).....but i could see doing this as a monthly get together, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC by all means.....this was done in new york on a weekly basis no? (why did these events stop?).....i totally agree with krispin, a 1/2 hr. can be an eternity, i've played many of those sets!.....perhaps rick, if you had a scheduled 10 min. break a little more often rather than the "holy shit something is wrong" break (and here's the important part, your most WONDERFUL FESTS get better and smoother as the YEARS GO BY and there are fewer and fewer "EAR WASH OPPERTUNITIES", wal mart would be proud of your efficency and organizational skills in the running of both yours and i would more than imagine krispin's fests never having been to one i am sorry to say, your festivals rule!.....rickeeee, i crave community more than you!.....why do you think i came out and drive you folks crazy every now and then....:).....YES MORE FESTIVALS!!!!! by all means.....rickeee speaks the TRUTH.....i on the other hand have my perverse pickadillos.....or is that plectrumdillos?.....stay tuned!.....tushak klobuchar


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