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Re: critique of the 30 minute loopfest

my basic point if remember correctly, (vicodin withdrawl is HORRIBLE, 
stay away from them kiddies!).....was not necessarily the 1/2 hour set 
being the culprit, it was the six 1/2 hours sets following each other 
without a break that created a problem for me.....and quite often it is 
hard to pick and choose who i am going to walk out on when i do not 
really know their music, or the last time i heard mr. x they sucked but 
this time they were brilliant, it's like almost pissin your pants for 
fear of missing something important in a movie, thnak GOD for 
DVDs!.....and this is from someone who has not made a musical statement 
in over 50 years even though i am pretentiously  "up my own ar*e",  no 
offence taken by any means.....:).....michael


<<I feel anyone who feels they can't make a valid musical statement in
30 minutes is either pretentious in the extreme or probably (as we
say here in Yorkshire), "up their own ar*e". No offence ;)>>

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