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re critique of the 30 minute loopfest

On 19 Apr 2007 at 9:07, Per Boysen wrote:

> I think the 30 minute spots festivals are great!

Me too, Per. I suspect the audiences do as well - if you want more of 
an artist, you can approach them for CDs, further dates etc, if 
you're not enjoying it, half an hour isn't going to drive you away 
from the concert. Opportunities for performing our music are few and 
far between - I'd hate to think by playing a long set I was squeezing 
someone else off the stage. Without some kind of community spirit, 
we'd be really struggling.....

I feel anyone who feels they can't make a valid musical statement in 
30 minutes is either pretentious in the extreme or probably (as we 
say here in Yorkshire), "up their own ar*e". No offence ;)