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"musical performance buffet" (was: M. Klobuchars' critique if the 30 minute loopfest performance format was: My piano looping video/ and some thoughts

I think the 30 minute spots festivals are great!

Heck, I've even played 20 minute gigs with no problem. When I wrote  
that I had problems digesting too much music at one night, when  
attending as part of the audience, I forgot to say that this was  
thirty years ago. Today I can listen nonstop and fully enjoy it as a  
stream, and I've seen other people having that ability as their  
default talent right from the start.

I'd also like to look at the 30 minute spot festival format as a  
"musical performance buffet". You choose some goodies for your plate  
and then get out of the gunfire.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
(today in love with all too much)