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Re: OT: brickwall

On 19 apr 2007, at 06.36, Raul Bonell wrote:

> does anybody know of a good (.. and cheap?) brickwall limiter for
> preventing clips when recording into the line-in of a soundcard... I'm
> assuming here, this can't be done via software... thanks, ral.

The FMR Audio boxes are among the most price worthy. I have their RNC  
(Really Nice Compressor) which I always use. Not before the recorder  
though, since I rather prefer to take care with my playing and keep  
the natural dynamics of the instrument - but if you want a limiter  
pre input I think it would be fine. I know Krispen H also has a  RNC  
and uses it before the input. Maybe you can chime in Kris?


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