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Re: OT: brickwall

Quoting Charles Zwicky <cazwicky@earthlink.net>:

> My advice, as an engineer: Turn the levels DOWN!
> You should set the signal level so that the audio PEAKS at -18 on the 

I agree with your advice.  For the -18 level, are you referring to a  
traditional VU meter or a peak reading meter?   18db seems like a lot  
of headroom.  Would you elaborate?  Much appreciated.

Normally I set my peaks just below full-scale -- I prefer to carry  
sufficient headroom for the peaks rather than limiting/compressing.   
The result is that my "home grown" cd's are not as "loud" as others --  
however I just turn up my volume control a bit to compensate.

fyi -- my approach to recording is more akin to classical music  
recording than, say, dance or pop music.  In general, my cds' levels  
match up with commercial classical cds' ok but my kids pop/heavy  
metal/hip-hip cds' levels pretty much bury my stuff.  :)

-- Kevin