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Review of "Great Speeches" and others

I've posted a review of Fabio Anile's (and others') "Great Speeches".


Forgive the rudimentary site, I haven't gotten around to designing 
something nice yet. I'll leave the navigation the same, though, if 
anyone wishes to link to their review page I'll make sure it doesn't 
break. Also up are my past reviews of Per Boysen's "Oooh", Krispen 
Hartung's "Fragments", Rob McDade's single "Dickhead in a G String", and 
some other non-looper types.

Main page is here: http://www.swanwelder.com/mutereactionary

I'll try to review anything that people post to LD looking for feedback, 
but feel free to email me (offlist!) with anything specific you'd like 
to have picked apart in public.

Daryl Shawn