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Re: busy I was lately

my next cd "On a wooden path" will be available soon probably on cdbaby or 
direct from me if you trust me...
some teasers are on the site www.claudevoit.ch some other are on 


> Very nice music Claude! Well done.
> richard sales
> glassWing farm and studio
> vancouver island, b.c.
> 800.545.6846
> 250.752.4816
> www.glassWing.com
> www.richardsales.com
> www.hayleysales.com
> www.blueberryfieldsfarm.com
> On 19-Apr-07, at 6:26 AM, Claude Voit wrote:
>> Yes I'm happy to announce that my home  made web site (v 1.0) is
>> online and ready for the world ....
>> www.claudevoit.ch
>> comments, bugs, wishes, etc... welcome
>> Hava nice day
>> Claude
>> www.myspace.com/claudevoit/