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Re: busy I was lately

 Daryl Shawn
> Claude, I'm very much enjoying the music on your site. Great playing, 
> love to have a cd!

waiting for them from the factory.... should have been today ..

> I have to admit, the logo threw me off for a minute, as it shows a 
> five-string guitar!

its a symbol not real :-)

> Just one real problem I noticed, on the "music" page of the English 
> version, if you click on "the making of on a wooden path" it takes you 
> a French-language page. Also, I know what you mean by "around me", but 
> "about me" is the proper way to say it.


> I found the "missing fret" page very interesting, for five years I 
> a DADGCF tuning, all fourths except the fifth in the bass, and I 
> encountered the challenge of shifting familiar shapes. In truth, I never 
> got that good at it, and when I switched back it was a relief!

I never tried, I love the regular open chords too much.
the missing fret is an atempt to unify the families of voicings relating 
the families of shapes
there are some open tunings and altered tunings in the record though
I say altered because I like to change only some strings to "easyfy" up 
keys without changin it all
ex: EADGBbD  gives a great key to play in F Cm Gm Eb Bb etc....

I send this reply back to LD as it may interest some others
hope you dont mind



> best,
> Daryl Shawn
> www.swanwelder.com
> www.chinapaintingmusic.com
>> Yes I'm happy to announce that my home  made web site (v 1.0) is online 
>> and ready for the world ....
>> www.claudevoit.ch
>> comments, bugs, wishes, etc... welcome
>> Hava nice day
>> Claude
>> www.myspace.com/claudevoit/