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Re: OT Nothing to say really....Gilgamesh


back to the hatfield & the North,I was given a promo
copy of one of  thier albums in 1975 and the song
"Fol-de-Rol" still sticks in my mind. too bad my LP 
of it is so scratchy. "Shaving is boring' has to be
one of the most unique song titles I have heard clear
up to this day.

--- andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:

> > BTW, there was another cool band around at that
> time, named Gilgamesh. 
> > Were they British as well? Just like the Hatfields
> the too had cool 
> > Fender Rhodes and Minimoog playing but Gilgamesh
> guitarist was more jazz 
> > oriented, somewhere in between Lee Riteneur and
> John Abercrombie, of 
> > that same era. A bit more fusion like prog rock, I
> would say.
> > 
> > per
> Alan Gowen - keys (National Health 2nd kegboardist,
> now deceased)
> Phil Lee - Guitar 
> Trevor Tomkins - Drums 
> Hugh Hopper - Bass (Soft Machine)
> Lee and Tomkins are still about on the British Jazz
> scene
> There's a Hugh Hopper looping piece somewhere in the
> "Burning Shed" vaults,
> just HH with his bass plugged into an EDP operated
> by a certain andy butler,
> don't know if will ever surface.
> andy butler 

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