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30 minute loopfest performance format

I'm with Rick on this one. Yes, with two very long days of back to back 30 minute sets, it's impossible to see everything.

I sort of think of his live looping festivals as mini-conventions for loopers - a way to get us all together. Meeting and talking to you folks is just as important as playing a set. Or maybe it's like a film festival or a potluck, in that you know there's going to be a bounty of music, but you won't be able to take it all in.

My best suggestion would be for the participating musicians to submit a detailed description of what they're going to do, so people who don't know everyone will find out what sets they can't afford to miss.

As someone who sees a lot of performances, I find 30 minutes to be an aesthetically ideal set time. Sure, I've been to plenty of longer sets that have been great, but in most cases, the most inspiring and engaging stuff gets made in the first 30 minutes.