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loopfest schedule planning (was: critique of the 30 minute loopfest)

Rainer asked:
"On this thread, I'd also like to hear from the festival organizers how 
put the schedule together with regard to how specific performers are

Speaking personally,   I always try to balance an interesting show, 
with the performers I know to be the most popular ("I sure don't want to 
miss Zoe
Keating's performance"..........or simliar vibe).

I also really take into account how much of a performance a person will 
(Brian Kenny Fresno or Artis the Spoonman, as an example will really get a 
going)..................adding to this, I also like to give the best slots 
to performers
who have travelled the longest distances, favoring the headliners first, 
performers next.

Given all those considerations (and reading my list here I realize that I 
have a lot more considerations
that I would have thought I have in picking the schedule)  I also try to 
the show
up, stylistically,  purposefully to give the audience the best 'sampler' 
the live looping world that there is.

To me,  one of the really strong things about our community is that there 
absolutely no stylistic center
or genre attached to the making of loop oriented music and yet we have a 
of solidarity as a musical

I don't think I"ve ever been in a musical community that was able to be so 
diverse and really celebrative
of that diversity and frankly,  the old hippy in me loves that (ahhhh, I 
here the groans now.............lol).

I, for one, think that this aspect of the community transcends stylistic 
groupings of artists.

Also,  I both produce and perform at a lot of thematically oriented 
festivals and performances in my own
personal world.

I just love producing shows like Festival of Found Sounds,   Festival of 
Voice and Electronics,  Weird Pop Festivals,
Noise Fests, Industrial shows.............Goth shows..............World 
Ethnic shows..........all the different styles of music
that I try to stay active in.

Consequently,   it's kind of liberating to eschew stylistic considerations 
at the looping festival.