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Re: busy I was lately

Merci merci

ok "that" copy is for you wen I'll get  them
Austria to Switzerland isnt so far away but they are already 2 days late 
probably the swiss customs listening to them one by one
or searching for the secret meaning of some of the titles

this recording took a long time to give birth to but I have the privilege 
be proud of it


Raul Bonell wrote:
> Fantastic, as ever!.
> "Ridicule danse" is... ahh... WoW...
> ....ieeeepeee!!!
> I like that flash player
> that allows to play two
> tracks at a time.
> You can mix them online ;-)
> if you don't have enough
> with just one of these beauties.
> Keep that copy for me!
> As europee, I'd prefer to order
> it directly from you Claude.
> Tell us when it's available.
> Cheers,
> Ral.
> 2007/4/21, CV <c.voit@vtx.ch>:
>>  Daryl Shawn
>>> Claude, I'm very much enjoying the music on your site. Great
>>> playing, I'd love to have a cd!
>> waiting for them from the factory.... should have been today ..
>>> I have to admit, the logo threw me off for a minute, as it shows a
>>> five-string guitar!
>> its a symbol not real :-)
>>> Just one real problem I noticed, on the "music" page of the English
>>> version, if you click on "the making of on a wooden path" it takes
>>> you to a French-language page. Also, I know what you mean by
>>> "around me", but "about me" is the proper way to say it.
>> fixed
>>> I found the "missing fret" page very interesting, for five years I
>>> played a DADGCF tuning, all fourths except the fifth in the bass,
>>> and I encountered the challenge of shifting familiar shapes. In
>>> truth, I never got that good at it, and when I switched back it was
>>> a relief!
>> I never tried, I love the regular open chords too much.
>> the missing fret is an atempt to unify the families of voicings
>> relating to the families of shapes
>> there are some open tunings and altered tunings in the record though
>> I say altered because I like to change only some strings to "easyfy"
>> up some keys without changin it all
>> ex: EADGBbD  gives a great key to play in F Cm Gm Eb Bb etc....
>> I send this reply back to LD as it may interest some others
>> hope you dont mind
>> thanks
>> Claude
>>> best,
>>> Daryl Shawn
>>> www.swanwelder.com
>>> www.chinapaintingmusic.com
>>>> Yes I'm happy to announce that my home  made web site (v 1.0) is
>>>> online and ready for the world ....
>>>> www.claudevoit.ch
>>>> comments, bugs, wishes, etc... welcome
>>>> Hava nice day
>>>> Claude
>>>> www.myspace.com/claudevoit/