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Re: portable hand field recorders


 Where does one get a binauralmic shaped like a head
that i used to see?

 How does one edit sounds on a Seiko ds-250?

--- Bill Fox <billyfox@soundscapes.us> wrote:

> Raul Bonell wrote:
> > Which one of these can accept an electret stereo
> mic?
> The M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 comes with a little
> stereo electret mic but 
> you may use aany electret mic that plugs into the
> 1/8" TRS mic input 
> jack.  The mic sounds good but is essentially a
> spaced omni pair that 
> doesn't provide the stereo separation I enjoy with
> my SONY ECM-MS957.  
> It was $300 at most places in 2001 when I bought it
> to go along with my 
> MD recorder.  I paid just under $200  for it but
> that was hard to find.  
> Apparently, you can find it for under $200 these
> days more easily.  (See 
> for example.)
> > Does anybody has any esperience with the Edirol?
> No.  But I met a guy who has one and seemed happy
> with it.  He made some 
> stealth recordings at the School of Rock in NYC. 
> The MicroTrack can't 
> do that unless you get a mic that will allow you to
> hide the unit.  The 
> included mic is so small that you'd have to have the
> entire hand held 
> unit in plain sight.
> Cheers,
> Bill

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