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Re: echoplex digital pro no longer supported by gibson?!?!?

i just removed and put back the two chips based on the info found here:

http://www.aurisis.com/products/loopIV/LoopIVGuide.pdf  (page 11)

and... magic! my machine works again!  i have no idea how i did it,  
but it works. the chips didn't appear to be dislodged at all, though,  
once i opened the top and examined the circuit board...

my going to try the same thing on my second echoplex and hope for the  

now if i could only get my foot pedal board happening again...

thanks again bernhard!


On 24-Apr-07, at 6:01 PM, Bernhard Wagner LD wrote:

> The thing to be careful about is static charges which can break chips.
> So:
> Disconnect the unit from power. (Unplug it: important!)
> Open it.
> Connect yourself to the metal casing using a grounding strap  
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_bracelet or http:// 
> www.geeks.com/imageshare/W/300x300/WRISTSTRAP-unit.jpg).
> You'll easily spot the chips that are in a socket: those are the  
> potential victims (or culprits).
> Gently press them down into the socket. Careful with the circuit  
> board!
> Maybe others who've done it could chime in?
> Bernhard