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Re: AW: Observed as a tagline on another board...

Over the years I have acquired a few Behringer units, namely:

Composer/Pro Compressor/Limiter/Gate
Ultramatch   Sample Rate converter
Ultra-Q      Parametric EQ
Ultrapatch   (Balanced and Unbalanced Patchbays)

These units have been in my studio -- have never hauled them around so  
I can't comment on their road-worthiness.

All of my Behringer equipment has been problem-free.  The patchbays  
are always in use and the active units, though I don't use them as  
much as I used to, always function reliably.

My only experience with Behringer equipment are the rack modules that  
I own and they have proven a good value for the money.  Particularly  
the Ultra-Q, which I picked up in like-new condition for $15.

Most of my other equipment is pricier than the Behringer units however  
the units I've mentioned are there for me when I need them and, when  
called upon, work very well in my studio.

-- Kevin