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RE: portable hand field recorders

I talked to a buddy that works at a music store about small recorders.
He said that nearly all their zoom unit had problems - the case breaking, software problems right out of the box, etc.  He also mentioned that there's been some distributor problems (in Canada, at least).  His store also sells M-Audio and he has not heard of any problems with those units.
As mentioned here before, zoom products in general seem to have general reliability issues and that needs to be balanced against their low price, much like Behringer.


"Goddard, Duncan" <goddard.duncan@mtvne.com> wrote:
my bandmate works for a sports website, & his journalists needed a field
recorder better able to withstand their hamfistedness than the old sony
mz500 minidisc machines.
he tried the zoom & the m-audio before going for the edirol/roland job.
now he swears by it. the battery life is excellent, the built-in
microphones seem to be pretty good (no mechanical noise even when the
thing is resting in y'r lap) & the display is clear & stays illuminated
while the thing is on.

I know the zoom aswell, but I think the edirol would outlast it. if
you're going to a) need phantom power & b) carry the thing in a soft
case everywhere, then go for the zoom. otherwise, the edirol is better
by far than the m-audio. looks nicer, feels nicer... the zoom seemed a
bit plasticky to me, but then I started out using a uher 4200....


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