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Re: echoplex digital pro no longer supported by gibson?!?!?

Bernhard Wagner LD wrote:

> You'll easily spot the chips that are in a socket: those are the 
> potential victims (or culprits).
> Gently press them down into the socket. Careful with the circuit board!
> Maybe others who've done it could chime in?
> Bernhard

Yes, one of my EDPs went faulty during a transatlantic flight.
I just opened it up and pressed down on all the chips with sockets one 
after the other.
Fixed in right away.
As the chips are in the circuit ( and you're not touching the pins)I 
wouldn't be too worried about static, but would touch a central heating 
pipe to discharge any build up before working.
(but then I never bought one of those wrist bands, if I had one I'd use it)

andy butler