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Re: Eventide - Prezens - Torn

On 4/25/07, rune fagereng <rune_fagereng@yahoo.no> wrote:
> And are there anyone here who have any experience with
> Eventide? Is it the best fx around ?

Heehee, I bet you'll get a lot of "define what you mean by the best"
kinds of responses!

*I* certainly think that Eventide is the best all around effects unit
there is.  I have two - a GTR4000 and an H8000FW.  I use a couple
other units just for reverbs, but for everything else, Eventide is
definitely the best for me - great sounds, great reliability, and if
you get one of the recent H series (H4000 and above) units, you can
edit all of the effects chains as well - extremely powerful!

Full disclosure: I like Eventide so much that I have taken over
development of the (free!) vSigX OS X-based Eventide H-series editing
software...  :-)