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Equipment cases and airline travel


This post is a request for information/recommendations on rack cases  
for airline travel.  Up to now, I have driven myself to gigs however I  
may have some opportunities that require me to do some air travel.

As such, I will have to take my 19" laptop and require a minimum of a  
2U shallow rack.

The thought of purchasing a 2U rack is a little stressful because I  
may want to have room for additions.  However, I want to have the case  
small enough that I can travel via airline with it. In addition, I may  
bring a stomp-box such as my RC50.  Also travel with my Theremin --  
and I'll get with Moog Music on a travel case for it.

To be honest, the thought of checking equipment with an airline is  
disconcerting -- I usually carry my own bags on board except for  
non-important/non-valuable things.

Thus, I would be traveling with: 1 suitcase for my clothes 'n stuff,  
laptop, Theremin, equipment rack, and RC50, patchcords, etc.

Thus, I am looking for recomendations for cases/etc when I travel via  

Any advice/recomendations greatly appreciated.

-- Kevin