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Re: Equipment cases and airline travel

I travel with my upright bass and a 4 or 6U rack myself.  Try as I might, I can't fill the  rack without going over 50lbs, so I always end up paying overage charges on both pieces.   Southwest is great for U.S. travel as they allow 3 pieces, which means I can actually pack some clothes.(!)

I carry on my All Access midi controller, a few stompboxes, and my laptop.  The main equipment goes in a Gator G-Tour ATA rack, which has been rock solid.  My bass has it's own Carbon Fiber/Kevlar case.  For the rack equipment, I suggest Gator, as I have had good protection with it, although there may be lighter cases out there.

I will be curious to see what others on the list have to say as well,


Dr. Donovan Stokes

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