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Eventide - Prezens - Torn


        numeric keypad
        big, sturdy parameter wheel
        good converters
        cool delay networks
        pitch shifter/harmonizer is from Eventide ;)
        lots of far-out effects
        good converters
        LOTS of connectors (in/out XLR and 1/4'', SPDIF, AES/EBU, TOSLINK,
RS-443, MIDI-IN with 7-pin connector, two exp   pedals)
        blinking tap tempo button (but you can't turn that off - might be a
problem under some stage circumstances)
        there was something extremely cool about the (MIDI) clock handling,
but don't remember what

        very heavy and big
        display to small
        complicated menu structure (obviously also caused by small display)
        huge algorithms, but only two of them at any given time
        no feedback loop around both algorithms

It is the most cool sounding fx processor and the most hi-end I have 
not necessarily the most flexible, most crazy or whatsoever). On the other
hand, that kind of money also gives you a T2700 computer with 2GB of RAM, 
Electronics audio interface and MAX/MSP...;)