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RE: Eventide - Prezens - Torn

Thanks !
--- Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
<rs@moinlabs.de> skrev:

> Seriously:
> Likes:
>       numeric keypad
>       big, sturdy parameter wheel
>       good converters
>       cool delay networks
>       pitch shifter/harmonizer is from Eventide ;)
>       lots of far-out effects
>       good converters
>       LOTS of connectors (in/out XLR and 1/4'', SPDIF,
> RS-443, MIDI-IN with 7-pin connector, two exp 
> pedals)
>       blinking tap tempo button (but you can't turn that
> off - might be a
> problem under some stage circumstances)
>       hotkeys
>       there was something extremely cool about the (MIDI)
> clock handling,
> but don't remember what
> Dislikes:
>       very heavy and big
>       display to small
>       complicated menu structure (obviously also caused
> by small display)
>       huge algorithms, but only two of them at any given
> time
>       no feedback loop around both algorithms
> It is the most cool sounding fx processor and the
> most hi-end I have (though
> not necessarily the most flexible, most crazy or
> whatsoever). On the other
> hand, that kind of money also gives you a T2700
> computer with 2GB of RAM, TC
> Electronics audio interface and MAX/MSP...;)

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