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Programmable EQ

Again, being more specific here could help. How many channels? Graphic or
parametric? Digital or analogue (note that in the field of programmable eq
thingies, the analogue ones are kinda hard to find)? Application? Available

That having said, I use a Behringer (again!) DEQ2496, which sits on the 
of my live band foh/recording rack. It gets and sends digital signals, so I
can't say anything about the converters.
Function-wise, you got a combination of a 31-band graphic and a total of 10
parametric eqs/feedback destroyer thingies and a 3-band dynamic section,
plus a frequency analyzer (with its own mic in). Of course,

Other devices I heard of (but don't know in person) come from the foh field
mostly, there's the Samson D class series (there's a graphic variant - 
and a parametric one - 3500) and some devices by Sabine.