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Re: Programmable EQ

Hi Donovan,
thereīs an quite old Akai device called PEQ6. It has 6 Channels with 7 fixed frequencies to be tweaked per channel and 32 program storage, Midi In/Out/Through, 19" 1HE. Itīs very easy to operate and can sometimes be found for about 50-80 US $ on e-bay. I sold mine 2 years ago, because it was just standing around. But before that I had used it for at least 15 years without any failure. The sound quality is not High-End but sufficient for live gigs (i.m.o.).
Hereīs a link to an old e-bay auction with picture and a bit of information:
Greetings from Spain
Ingo Ito
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2007 8:38 PM
Subject: Programmable EQ

Hello all,
This is somewhat off-topic, but I thought there were people here who
could help me out.  I am looking for a rackmount programmable EQ where
presets can be selected by midi, so I can change settings mid-song. I
am anyone on the list has experience, good or bad, with any units
currently available?
Any help is appreciated,

Donovan Stokes
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