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Re: Programmable EQ

At 3:18 AM +0200 4/28/07, Ingo Ito wrote:
>thereīs an quite old Akai device called PEQ6. It 
>has 6 Channels with 7 fixed frequencies to be 
>tweaked per channel and 32 program storage, Midi 
>In/Out/Through, 19" 1HE. Itīs very easy to 
>operate and can sometimes be found for about 
>50-80 US $ on e-bay. I sold mine 2 years ago, 
>because it was just standing around. But before 
>that I had used it for at least 15 years without 
>any failure. The sound quality is not High-End 
>but sufficient for live gigs (i.m.o.).

I'll second the recommendation on the PEQ6.  I've 
got one that I still use occasionally, and find 
it's quality to be quite useful as a general 
instrument EQ.  Also, it's pretty sturdy, so any 
used unit should still be in relatively good 
shape as long as it hasn't been abused outright.

Another MIDI-controlled EQ to add to the list is 
the ART IEQ.  It's a mono 1/3 octave graphic EQ 
unit with 99 presets, balanced I/O, and (of all 
things) a video output which can be used while 
editing.  The sound is much more 'clinical' than 
the Akai above, and lends itself to more general 
applications in the studio or on a PA system (or 
on your dad's stereo) than as an instrument EQ.

Also, you might as well look into picking up an 
old multi-effects unit.  Lots of the units from 
the 80's and 90's had dedicated parametric or 
graphic EQ blocks, which could be called up the 
same way you'd access a delay or reverb.  The 
advantage there is that you could conceivably use 
the unit for an entirely different effect during 
those passages where you didn't need to tweak the 
EQ.  Besides, these days I wouldn't imagine a 
used Quadraverb going for much more than a 
programmable equalizer.