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Re: Programmable EQ

I have a Roland srq 203; a pretty incredible unit if you can find 
one. I haven't used it in the way you are discribing but have 
different settings in memory for individual instruments that I can 
switch to.. I understand that it can sort of morph from one setting 
to another. There's 16 user memory slots, midi control and lots of 
other features. check it out at 

Paul Haslem

At 02:38 PM 4/27/2007, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>This is somewhat off-topic, but I thought there were people here who 
>could help me out.  I am looking for a rackmount programmable EQ 
>where presets can be selected by midi, so I can change settings 
>mid-song. I am anyone on the list has experience, good or bad, with 
>any units currently available?
>Any help is appreciated,
>Donovan Stokes
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