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two short reviews of concerts

ALAN HOLDSWOTH.....i have known of him for a long time but have never 
heard his music.....saw his show about 2 weeks ago and was impressed by 
his playing.....it seemed that most of his tunes started with some 
MIGHTY BIG ABSTARCT CHORDS, i really didn't understand where he was 
going with this, i heard very little melody and outside of the 
"impossible" stretching of his left hand fingers i was not too moved by 
this.....THEN>>>>>improv to the max.....30 sec., 60 sec., eternal 
single note runs, very impressive, very dexterous, amazed the 
kiddies.....it was moving the first few times, like wow! this cat can 
blow but after several similiar tunes i became bored......please let 
this be the last tune i kept thinking.....i guess i am no longer 
impressed by a gazillion notes a min.....my brain was fed but my 
emotions went hungry

THE BEARS.....never heard them before (yes i live in a cave and only 
listen to looping music).....i am aware of adrian belew's work with 
K.C. and the folks i was with told me that this would be a bit more 
"poppy".....shucks i thought, i want the whammy frammmy shammmy crazy 
stuff.....IT WAS THERE! in aces.....what a fun bunch of players, i have 
never seen more smiles on stage in my life, these guys really seemed to 
be enjoying themselves to the max.....i was drawn in like a moth to a 
flame.....all 4 players wrote tunes so there was a variety of music and 
plenty of it, bang, bang, bang nonstop more notes per dollar 
playin.....it was a small venue and after the show the band came and 
hung with the audience and THANKED them for coming, how nice!

lastly.....KLOBUCHAR.....spoke with this band and he said "after we 
clean and re-wire our studio we will finally use our new digital 
recorder and create some bofo music, but now get the f**k out of here I 
WANT TO LOOP!".....perhaps he will learn a second chord after he gets 
up and running as he has beatin the A- to death.....matt davignon at 
y2k6 said something to the effect that KLOBUCHAR was getting old and 
grumpy, boy do i agree with him!

i wish i was in boise!.....break many legs everyone xoxo!


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