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Musolomo to go Open Source...

Since there are a few devs on the list here, I figured this might be 
of some general interest.

In the wake of Comic Life's success of on the Mac, Plasq seems to 
have made a decision to divest itself of its audio software (which 
currently leaves both Rax and Wormhole in a somewhat precarious 
position).  As to the fate of their freeware Looping program -- 
Musolomo -- one of the Plasq admins (atariboy) has unofficially 
announced that it will be going Open Source in a forum thread here: 

For those of you who've never used it before, Musolomo is a quirky 
little Looping plug that features a variety of interesting functions 
-- instant sample mapping and transposition, forward/reverse, 
DJ-style scratching, and an X-Y pad, just to name a few.  The 
transposition in particular is actually pretty good/interesting, as 
it was partially coded by Airy Andre (who also did the Speedster 
plug).  The package is still up for download on the Plasq site, and 
there's even a Universal Binary version that's been made available 
through the forums.

Personally, the main gripes I've had with Musolomo are that there's 
no real Feedback mechanism (so I really think of it more as a Phrase 
Sampler than a Looper), and that the allocated memory fills up fairly 
quickly.  It seems I always have to open multiple instances and use 
them simultaneously to get around the memory issue.  Otherwise, it's 
an interesting little Looping tool.

Perhaps in the future somebody might try developing it a bit further, 
or porting it to a different platform (or at the very least just add 
a frickin' Feedback function to the darn thing -- please!).  If 
nothing else, having a look at the source code might give some of the 
other developers here ideas for implementation of feature sets on 
their own products.