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Re: thanks! (wet pedals)

Tim i'm sorry to learn of your recent plight from the heavy rains, that's terrible.  It was intense here in NY in that recent deluge but I wasn't as aware of what it was doing in New England.  I'm glad your equipment is recovering and here's an encouraging note.  I recently found a Roland MKS-100 mid-80's sampler on my block here in Brooklyn.  It was not heavy raining but had been sitting in constant steady lite rain for several hours however it looked "clean" so I brought it home like a "new puppy".  I left it sitting in my studio to dry out over several weeks partly to give it time to really dry and too as it had no power cord so it was mandatory till I found one.  I recently located and purchased through Roland for $20 the cord and plugged it in in great anticipation and fear of disappointment to either possibly see no life or a brief puff of smoke.  I was amazed to see neither and have been using it ever since.  I left it on for a long time to confirm it's health and again it "lives" so I'm sure and I hope your equipment will too.
Thank you again for spreading the word on the recent RPMChallenge.  I completed with two CD's, one with Daryl Shawn in our Chinapainting project which bore Trick Of Amethyst and another that was a solo fretless project of my own Found.  It was cool to have this world collective push in the dead of winter to document two bodies of work.
Best with the dryout Tim...

On 4/28/07, Tim Nelson <psychle62@yahoo.com> wrote:
I'd like to express my gratitude to all the
listmembers who wrote to me following my recent studio
flood. I've been atypically incommunicado due to my
computer being scattered all over the house, but there
seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel
(oncoming train?). The moisture abatement dudes took
the last of their noisy pumps and blowers away
yesterday, and now I'm awaiting the carpenters to
patch all the drainage holes in the walls.

On topic, I still haven't dared power up the loopers
that went swimming. I got all the batteries out
immediately and took everything apart as soon as I
could and dried it all with towels and blow driers,
and have been waiting until I'm positive everything is
dry before trying it out. Fortunately it was clean,
fresh water and not salt (I'm a block from the
Atlantic Ocean and several nearby houses actually fell
in, so it could have been a lot worse...).

Again, I really appreciate all your words of



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