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Re: Glitch VST plug in and looped guitar

> On Feb 19, 2008, at 5:32 AM, Per Boysen wrote:
> > I've heard some whining among "Mac Guys" since
> > there is nothing to match it on that platform.

On Feb 19, 2008 4:52 PM, RP Collier <skeptikalist@gmail.com> wrote:
> There is Major Malfunction which is sort of similar:
> http://www.defectiverecords.com/majormalfunction/index.html

Ok, if "sort of similar" counts here I'd also like to mention the EDP
and Mobius. Not truly random unless you go epileptic with it, but well
Sort Of Similar.  I'm of course hinting at the pseudo granular
technics connected with the SUSSubstitute function.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)