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Re: film music rights,icensing etc.(OT).

L.A. Angulo schrieb:
> Last but not least all of my songwritting is
> registered with the GEMA here in germany which is like

If you give the permission to use it from your production/label side of 
view, this will still make them pay royalties to the Gema. The Gema 
won't let you give it away for free anyway. You will get Gema royalties 
even if they don't pay anything more for each festival they show it...
That's why the credits are essential. The Gema will only know by the 
credits that you composed the music...

If the musicians are in the GVL for example their rights are covered by 
that as well. (I don't know the US equivalent for the GVL, but they are 
the Gema for performers)

And in general there is a difference between "tight budget" and 
"expected profit" They will always talk about a tight budget, which 
might be completely true. But that would only be an argument for the 
date when they might be able to pay a fair share of the real profit, 
whatever that might be. That has to be discussed. If there is not will 
to share they shouldn't expect you to share. That's very easy to 
explain, and also hard for a human to reject that logic...


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