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Re: gaspedal midi foot controller

The ability to do that with hardware was out of my grasp, so I went 
with a hybrid hardware/software approach.  My laptop displays the 
labels for each button of my foot controller:

It's a DIY project that requires a PC though...

At 2008.02.20 06:52 AM, Travis Hartnett wrote:
>For the sort of MIDI control that loopers require, I wish there was 
>a MIDI controller with a small alphanumeric LCD panel above each 
>button.  I can't imagine such a think costing less than a thousand 
>dollars, given the amount of hardware required and the small market 
>(a few hundred at most).
>On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 5:55 AM, murkie 
><<mailto:sinister_footwear@yahoo.com>sinister_footwear@yahoo.com> wrote:
>Which makes me wonder why no one has designed a small
>programable display that can be programed to display
>words depending on the midi preset.