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Re: LD: Your opinions please - Terratec Axon AX 50

phaslem@wightman.ca wrote:
> I had a yamaha G50 and was never very happy with the tracking. I was 
> using it with a roland GK 2 pickup after several months of playing 
> around with it finally gave up and sold it off on ebay. I recently 
> picked up an axion ax50 and using it with the same guitar, though I have 
> since installed a graphtech ghost pickup, and it is worlds apart 
> different from my experience with the G50. The tracking is instant and I 
> have had very little adjustments to make in my playing style. 

I've played with the AX100, and with the G50 with the *same* guitar
and p/u. (GK2a as it happens).
They seemed pretty similar to me, not surprising as they are essentially
the same axon circuitry in a different box.
The A50 was released without claims of better tracking than the AX100.
In fact, I have them both here so will likely try a detailed comparison.

I'd be guessing the change of p/u caused the change in behaviour.
Is it possible your GK wasn't installed in the optimum position?

 so you guys got me wanting a graphtech p/u
( well, I really don't like the clunky GK 2a, )

andy butler