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Re: LD: Your opinions please - Terratec Axon AX 50

Of course it is possible that the pickup wasn't in an optimum 
position, I was playing it on a parker, pretty much up tight against 
the saddles. I did try it closer to the rear pickup and found the 
response worse, not much room for play there in any regards, the rear 
pickup is already quite close to the saddles.

The graphtech p/u is pretty simple to install, you do have to drill 
holes and route out a cavity in your guitar, but the components all 
plug into each other. The only soldering was to connect grounds up to 
the pots. I did find one odd behavior, when playing through a roland 
vg 8ex, or the vg99 in altered tuning mode. The strat style bridge 
had the "ghost" sound of the original note still present but the 
wilkinson bridge didn't. I tried all sorts of things to stop 
vibrations from bleeding through to the other strings but was totally 
unsuccessful in stopping that from happening. It was only when I 
changed to the wilkinson bridge that I was able to make more use of 
the altered tuning modes.

I've also been told that the new GK 3 pickup works well, but I 
haven't tried it yet.

Paul Haslem

>I'd be guessing the change of p/u caused the change in behaviour.
>Is it possible your GK wasn't installed in the optimum position?
>so you guys got me wanting a graphtech p/u
>( well, I really don't like the clunky GK 2a, )
>andy butler