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Re: Any experienced Ableton users able to give me a hand?

well ok then...i thought my question might be too esoteric to be of much interest...but here goes...and it relates to Live 8

this is basically an extension of the rack>laptop thread

i really like the plugins in Live and i'd like to use them in conjunction with my favourite AU plugins to replace my rack of fx

i've successfully managed to put augustus loop and sooperlooper in a couple of aux channels and control them fine...it's the main fx chains that are giving me a headache

ideally i'd like to set up one chain of fx with all the plugins i'll need and then just turn them on and off and recall a preset into the ones i want on, but Live wants me to chain up all the fx i want for a particular sound in a rack and recall that particular chain with a cc value. this gives me a couple of problems...one is that Live doesn't respond to program change messages (which my footcontroller sends out), but i've solved this by transforming these into cc messages by using MidiPipe. the other problem is the sheer number and complexity of the chains i'll need...maybe up to 60...and with many of those containing instances of Reaktor, the CPU load will be massive (i don't think Live behaves like Mainstage, effectively turning off plugins that aren't in use and saving on CPU...but i might be wrong). one solution may be to create racks out of the Live plugins, but not out of the AU plugins. most AU plugins allow their presets to be recalled via program change messages and both the PC and CC messages i'm sending are being received...but i can't seem to get Reaktor to respond when it's a plugin (the standalone behaves perfectly).
anybody got any ideas how i can stay with a "preset" modus operandi and make it all work in Live? if Live turns off plugins that aren't currently loaded, then it should be fine and i'll try and experiment with this further, but if not i think i'm a bit stuck.
i did play around with Bidule for a bit and yes, this kind of thing is a bit easier, but it seemed less stable at the latency settings i liked and it doesn't have the plugins that Live has