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Re: mastering plug ins

I'd get a copy of Bob Katz's Mastering Audio book.

and go watch these...


On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 1:47 PM, Embarq Customer <jeff_d@embarqmail.com> 
> Rainer my friend,
> Of course you know that my tounge was planted firmly in my cheek when I 
>made that statment. :)
> That said I do belive what you say insofar as I understand it. I don't 
>know anything about multiband this or thats!
> My use of software goes like this: I record (now in 24 bit) leaving 
>plenty of headroom. I like to leave lots of room for dynamics, meaning I 
>can't be sure of all my levels in random buttons and configs with my 
>hardware gear.
> Then I save the file and proceed to clip out the good bits etc. saving 
>each as a seperate file.
> Now for processing I usually sample a bit of noise and the do a noise 
>reduction run on it. I might also at this time adjust levels in the 
>recording as needed. I may or may not do some eq on it then using 
>whatever. I am getting weak here. I try out all the other stuff but it's 
>just at random and mostly don't like the results. Maybe a little eq works 
>out. Ignorance is not bliss here. I despir of under
> I then normalize to -3db, make a mp3s and shoot them up on the web. 
>Simple! But I know it's not the "right" way to do this. I am just 
> on speakers, I have some M-Audio studiopro 3. Small deaktop monitors 
>that don't look near as good as the ones you suggested but they sound ok. 
>the final tests are in my Jeep on my kind of crappy, not even high end 
>audio system. My recordings sound thin compared to real cds and such with 
>not as much presense I guess you could say, but they are"ok". Also I 
>check on boomboxes and as many stereos as I can find. Most of my music is 
>not being played on high end systems. it is being played on computer 
>speakers and Ipods, etc. My recordings sound weak there also, no balls! I 
>don't mean loudness here either. It's that missing thing that I am trying 
>to improve. They sound just ok :(
> I am sorry if I don't make sense but to paraphrase McCoy, Damnit Jim, 
>i'm a musician not an engineer! I guess I need a little of all of it 
>these days though with all the possibilities for self production etc. I 
>am willing to learn (arrgh) new tricks if I can.
> Thanks for the honesty and info. I'll take all the help I can get to 
>bring this old dog into the new ways.
> Best,
> Jeff