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blech (pedal choices)

So, I'm idly looking into expanding my looping setup, since I'm
starting to feel the limits of the looper in my Line 6 DL-4. (Mostly
that 15 seconds at normal speed is too short.)

So I just spent an hour looking at what else is out there and I'm
feeling a bit discouraged.

What I'm looking for in a looper:
--Simple & easy to use.
--at least 30 seconds of looping time
--Lets me pick start and end points while recording. (Will not try to
autocorrect my timing, or make me choose loop length before I start.)
--Reverse function
--Half Speed function (or even better - a speed dial!)
--Lets me choose # of repeats when not infinite.
--Will not drive up the cost of the pedal with stuff I'll never use.
--smaller than a hardcover book

As far as I can tell, this does not exist. The closest I find is a
DL-4, which is very easy to use, but as I mentioned, the looping time
is short and I can't control the # of repeats. It's also heavy enough
that I don't want to walk around with 2 of them.

I'm pretty disappointed in the concept of the Line 6 JM-4. It costs
more and doesn't appear to offer more of the stuff I want. Instead it
offers me the opportunity to play with imaginary musicians, which
frankly I find insulting. Has anyone used one of these? If you don't
store loops, how long can a live loop be? Can you get rid of all the
dumb preset tracks? Is it otherwise as simple as the DL-4?

How about the LoopStation (RC-20)? How long of a loop can you get if
you don't store anything? Does it have half speed/reverse?

Not looking for rack mounts, software or large pedal boards. I have to
fit all my gear in a rolling suitcase on public transit.


Matt Davignon