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Re: blech (pedal choices)

hi Matt,
well no-one mentioned the obvious choice based on your list
(Rainer, where are you? :-)

Matt Davignon wrote:
> So, I'm idly looking into expanding my looping setup, since I'm
> starting to feel the limits of the looper in my Line 6 DL-4. (Mostly
> that 15 seconds at normal speed is too short.)
> So I just spent an hour looking at what else is out there and I'm
> feeling a bit discouraged.

Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man (+hazari)

> What I'm looking for in a looper:
> --Simple & easy to use.


> --at least 30 seconds of looping time

yep, just.

in true stereo 

> --Lets me pick start and end points while recording. (Will not try to
> autocorrect my timing, or make me choose loop length before I start.)

yep, but you have to hold the tap button for the length of the loop,
...releasing it accurately isn't as easy as tap -- tap

> --Reverse function


> --Half Speed function (or even better - a speed dial!)

yes, speed dial up/down an octave

> --Lets me choose # of repeats when not infinite.

while overdubbing.
(no cheap pedal lets you set feedback while not overdubbing)

> --Will not drive up the cost of the pedal with stuff I'll never use.

thought it would be cheaper in US :-(

> --smaller than a hardcover book


Also it has
A hi-pass/lo-pass filter that works on the loop.
Bad time stretching on loop.
A lot of headroom.
Can be used as a send/return fx (mono) if you 
use the right in/outs.

As a delay fx it's one of the most colourful available,
but there's quite some limitation in how you can combine
that with the looper.

andy butler