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Re: blech (pedal choices)

Thanks for the advice all - It looks like the RC 20 may be worth
checking out. I've made a lot of frivolous gear purchases in the last
18 months, so it looks like I'll have to march on down to the music
store to try this one out.

The EH 2880 looks like it would be too much time futzing around with
the pedal for my taste.
Regarding the Line 6 M-13, I'm really happy with the other gear I'm
currently using, which include a Dr. Sample 303 (for fx), Ineko,
Alesis Philter, Alesis Amplitron and EH Micro Synth. Each of these
boxes has a great amount of character, utility and ease of use for
their size/weight. I also like keeping most of it by my hands, since I
play a 1-handed instrument.

I look forward to seeing what Line 6's next looper is going to be. I
really hope they don't find a way to muck it up! In my musical
travels, I see about 3 times as many DL-4s as I see other Line 6
units. (Combined!) Only 10% of the DL-4 users I know use it for
anything other than the looper. The demand is definitely there for
someone to get it right.

So now I'm mulling between the RC20 and another DL-4. What's more
important to me - longer loops or half speed? I think longer loops may
win out.

Matt Davignon