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Connecting a KAOSS KP3

I have recently got a KP3 and it's lots of fun.. BUT how to i connected to an ordinary mixer??
I have a very simple 6 channel mixer to which I connect a microphone from my guitar rig (in which i have a EDP). Now i want to send that signal to the KP3 and be able to mix in samples an loops from th KP3 as well as add effects to my guitar sound. Currently i send from the FX-out on the mixer to microphone in on KP3 and the from KP3 out (RCA) to a stereo channel. BUT i get a lot of noise from the FX-out !!
Any tips??? What would like to to is to route guitar (and later maybe other sources) to the KP3 and the be able to mix in the KP3 in the over all sound... I might in the future also want to send to other effects (loopers, reverbs) and be able to mix those with the live guitar signal. What would the best solution be??