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Re: thinking about moving from rack to laptop...advice please!

Well, I'm practically lying in a vat of pink goo with wires hooked up
directly to my brain. ;)

I'm still using my old Steinberger and that goes directly into a MOTU
828 Firewire interface. That feeds Ableton Live 8 running on a Toshiba
Satellite laptop (along with a G&L Skyhawk/Vox Tonelab, Steinberger
bass, Tenori-On, Roland Handsonic, Roland SonicCell and a DSI MoPHo.

The synths usually don't get further processing, but the guitars go
though some flavor of Amplitube 2.  I love it.  You just have to
download the demos and try them.  I spent a month trying all the
commercial modeling programs but none can touch the Amplitube IMO.  I
did end up getting Guitar Rig 3 as well, but only for it's effects.
The amps themselves are mostly a joke, but a few sound OK.  I had the
chance to get it for $99 so I figured what the hell.  It's awesome for
crazy effects.  Speaking of effects, a friend at Line 6 got me the POD
Farm bundle and that's also great for effects and it's synth models
are the best.

The other effects are too numerous to mention but maybe later at work
if I get a break I'll try to think of some of my favorites.

Anyway, along side of the audio tracks I'll run some softsynths.  The
outputs all get routed to one or two sends containing Mobius (always)
and another looper including Augustus Loop, Angstrolooper and
Ableton's Looper.  After the second looper I sometime run some crazy
effect like dBlue's Glitch.

All of this gets controlled by a Novation Remote SL, Native
Instruments Kore 2, two Behringer FCB1010s and a IK Multimedia

Gotta get going... more later...

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 2:32 AM, L.Angulo<labaloops@yahoo.com> wrote:
> excellent link mark thanx for posting it,so what is your current setup 
>at the moment?
>> Guitar players didn't fare really well in this showdown:
>> So, will your software rig sound the same as your current
>> hardware
>> rig?  No.  It most definitely won't. Will it
>> sound worse?  That's up
>> to you.   In many ways I think my setup
>> sounds better than it ever
>> has.   Luckily, most software comes with a
>> demo so you can try before
>> you buy.