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Re: Christopher Willits - Looping/Jitter - XLR8R TV

Ricky Graham wrote:
> Very interesting - 
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGvSoGkyKII&feature=sdig&et=1244009471.24 

...what made those loud clicking sounds, is that
some ultra cool Max patch for a virtual analog clunky switch?

It's a nice idea to sync vid with the music, 
personally I'd prefer not to have a sequencer running
the music tho'.

It wouldn't be hard to use Bidule ( or I guess Max etc.)
to analyse the audio and create midi commands from it
based on frequency content and envelope (and tempo synced to
any loop if needed).

If there was something like Milkdrop that had midi controllable
parameters that would be very watchable.

Per showed me some nice visualizations on his I-Tunes last
year, and I must say they were most impressive.

andy butler
( still on hardware......oil wheel projectors sync with everything )