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Re: Christopher Willits - Looping/Jitter - XLR8R TV

> ...what made those loud clicking sounds, is that
> some ultra cool Max patch for a virtual analog clunky switch?
> :-)

Rumour has it, he has big feet.

> It's a nice idea to sync vid with the music,
> personally I'd prefer not to have a sequencer running
> the music tho'.
> It wouldn't be hard to use Bidule ( or I guess Max etc.)
> to analyse the audio and create midi commands from it
> based on frequency content and envelope (and tempo synced to
> any loop if needed).
> If there was something like Milkdrop that had midi controllable
> parameters that would be very watchable.
> Per showed me some nice visualizations on his I-Tunes last
> year, and I must say they were most impressive.
> andy butler
> ( still on hardware......oil wheel projectors sync with everything )


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