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Re: EDP and Logic Glitches

Sorry to be a pest!

Does anyone have any thoughts on any avenues I could try, I'm really stuck on this one :(


2009/6/1 Daniel Hegarty <danielphegarty@googlemail.com>
Hey Andy,

Thanks so much!

As per your request, I've made a diagram. I think this may push me over the edge of a polite request for help, but this issue is waking me sweating in the nights!

I've tried to include all the detail I can in the diagram, but I'd like to address some of your points below:

  1. You're correct about midi clock. It is being sent but I am not utilising it. I'm setting the SUS messages to be just one frame short of the full bar length. e.g on an 8 bar loop in 4/4, i'll set the note length to be 7 3 3 239. This seems to work fine, as I've had issues whenever I've tried to send concurrent messages to a single EDP.
  2. I use the GeneralReset at the beginning of each 'track' in the set. As otherwise during rehearsal we have issues with their being audio on moreloops=2 etc.
  3. All midi commands in and out of the sequencer have their own dedicated input/output and cable. I don't know a great deal about midi merging so I'm not sure if that is the issue. I'm wondering if it's all to much for my dual core 2.6ghz MacBook Pro with 4gb of RAM to handle. Sounds for the soft synths are coming off an external drive via firewire 800. Perhaps a rack mounted G5 would solve the problem! If perhaps I need to run a slave sequencer just controlling the EDPs, is there one that you suggest? I tried exporting the Midi files into Abletone Live, but peculiarly the single frame reset notes didn't make it! Very odd. I'm very comfortable with Midi editing in Logic so it would be a bit of a learning curve to go elsewhere, but at this point i'll try anything!
Anyway, most of the above is included in the diagram, any help would be very very gratefully received. I've included some screenshots from Logic which should give a good idea of how i'm manipulating the EDPs.

Thanks again!

2009/6/1 andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>

Hi Daniel,
without a diagram or a detailed description of your setup
it's pretty much impossible for anyone to diagnose your
problem. We're just guessing based on assumptions.

>From what you say below, about needing to use SUS commands
I'd guess that you're sending midi clock to the edps,
and not using it. Indeed, midi-clock sync doesn't work well with sequenced edps
(Claude Voit worked that out, and he's the guy who got
the EDP midi response up to spec ).
So set your EDPs to sync = OFF,
and then the way to keep them synced is to use the Restart command as often as needed.
Having done that, you *can* use regular Record=TOG,
..but the SUS commands will be as good, stick with
what you're comfortable with.
Incidentally, you don't need to send Reset before
starting a new Recording (unless you want to).

Maybe Claude, (who I suspect of filtering this list for posts
with his name in) will chip in here, probably will if
I got something wrong.
(hi Claude :-)

Didn't you say *all* the midi info was going to the EDPs?
...and the occasional note is lost when you mix live
playing with EDP sequencing.
This would point to the loss happening wherever the sequenced
midi, and the   live midi are merged.
If that happens in your software, the software is buggy at
midi-merging. Either
1) Use a hardware midi merger in your system
2) Use different software
3) Send the EDP commands down a completely separate midi cable.

andy butler

Daniel Hegarty wrote:

Sorry for being dense, just a couple of clarifications!

  1. Say for example, on one of the EDPs, I need to record a 4 bar

     loop, and then reset that loop later, and then record an unrelated
     2 bar loop. How do I alter the loop length if not by using the
     SUSrecord function? When I've experimented with quantizing, it
     appeared to me that I could only set a fixed loop length using the
     8th/cycle parameter. This obviously wouldn't be sufficient for the
     use case i describe above. i.e. When in quantize mode i press
     record once to start recording the loop, i then press it again,
     but the stop is determined by the 8th/cycle parameter rather than
     my button press. My impression was that Sync=In, and Quantize was
     to be used when using a fixed length loop which you wished to
     develop and perform operations on. If that's not the case, I'd be
     very interested in how to very the loop lengths on the fly, so to
  2. I assume the pre-delay option is only useful in the case of using

     the EDP quantize as otherwise it would cause the commands not to
     be sent out precisely on time.

I have a horrible feeling I've wasted a lot of time going about this the wrong way! Thanks so much for your patience.


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