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blech (pedal choices)

>> How about the LoopStation (RC-20)? How long of a loop can you get if
>> you don't store anything? Does it have half speed/reverse?

the original rc-20 (which i have) has 5 min of record time. it can go fwd and reverse. i like it, gets the job done. it has some tap tempo thing that allows you to change the tempo of the loop, but i think it doesn't work so well. i wish there was a knob that just controlled the speed or length of the loop, for slow down or speed up (THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!). i do like the reverse though, you can get some crazy things going w/ fwd and reverse, etc..

the rc-20xl that came out after has 16 min of record time. honestly i've never came close to using the full time of my 5 min of my original....

in the vids i've seen for the EH stereo memory man w/ hazari, i like the loop function and the way you can mangle the loop (speed (pitch) and filter), but i didn't like that to record a loop you have to keep the button pressed the whole time (the boss rc-you press switch to record, press again to stop, which i like-some complain about hard to get accurate time w/ that, not a problem for me, anyway)...but i have liked what i've seen of the EHsmm w/H- in vids & it has 30 sec of loop time....i should say that i keep all my pedals at hands reach on my desk, not a footstomper,

the other new option is the digitech timebender, just recently out-i 've heard good things from some folks online, and it's the same price as digitech's jamman ($299)...seems like it has some combos things from the boss slicer...

if you need portable-the boss rc-2, single pedal, but it's just loop w/ overdub (up to 16 min), but no real manipulating of it, but the main thing is it is small & portable....

oh, and there is the boss dd20, the 23 sec of delay available, i didn't really like it, sold mine, but others have liked it, etc....
i have no experience w/ the line 6 stuff, check archives for that.....