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Re: mastering plug ins

I had the good fortune to do a couple of recordings at good studio  
outside of Ithaca NY. Peter Hopper was/is the owner and chief  
engineer, producer and all round great guy. He taught me to take lots  
of time setting up with various microphones, record a bit and listen.  
Move the mics, move the instrument, try different mics until you hear  
the sound you want. That way you let the mic, and room do the eq for  
you and you have a clean good signal that you can play with.
The initial process is slow but worth the effort, and once you have  
that sound you can reproduce it consistantly and once you get to know  
your microphones you can reasonably predict how a mic will colour the  
sound of a given instrument.
I don't have a lot of really expensive mics or instruments but I like  
to think that I'm learning to make the most of the tools I have.

Paul Haslem,
Ontario, Canada

Quoting Raul Bonell <raul.bonell@gmail.com>:

> agree. that's the point. feeding a better signal to your DAW. always
> there's room for improvement, even at home.
> 2009/6/4, Jeff Duke <jeff_d@embarqmail.com>:
>> There was music before computers? :)
>> Really I am thinking that I need to work on improving the audio I am 
>> into my DAW. Unless I can find a turd polishing plugin :)
>> If I have a boomy sound why not fix it before recording etc and so on. 
>I am
>> still trying to grasp audio mastering but I get so confused...slowly I