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FreeWave: It's all about guitarists

Check out the playlist for the new RadioBoise.org program "FreeWave".
Saturday, June 6, 1-3pm MST, and it's all about guitarists. Check out the playlist below and join us on RadioBoise.org to listen.

Play List

Artist(s): Surrender to the Air
Song: And Furthermore
Album: Surrender to the air
More info

Artist(s): Nels Cline And Gregg Bendian
Song: Venus
Album: Interstellar Space Revisited (The Music of John Coltrane)
More info

Artist(s): Terje Rypdal
Song: Circles
Album: Descendre
More info

Artist(s): John Abercombie
Song: Shrubberies
Album: In the Moment
More info

Artist(s): Joe Morris Quartet
Song: Coil
Album: At the Old Office
More info

Artist(s): Jim McAuley
Song: The Eyelids of Bhudda
Album: 2008 Boise Experimental Music Festival
More info

Artist(s): Pat Metheny and Ornette Coleman
Song: Endangered Species
Album: Song X
More info

Artist(s): John McLaughlin
Song: The Promise
Album: Jazz Jungle
More info