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Summer day, long one take improvisation in three phases, morning,working and evening. (adding KP3 to the Looping rig)

It's one LONG improvisation (live in the basement music room). The signal chain is Soloway Cygnus into Custom By Cougar ODS style amp (OD and boost on all the time. Amount of OD is controlled from the guitar..), amp loop with "catulator", Symetrix 606 delay and the EDP (echoplex digital pro) looper, G12-65 speaker, Sennheiser 609, mixer (CHEAP), Kaosspad KP3, back to mixer to my KORG Pxr4 ....
So all sounds are made "live" one take no everdubs, just LOOPING. Most looping done with EDP but some live sampling looping on the KP3. KP3 is mostly used to make.. NOISE , some "drum" like sounds and further alter the state of you're MIND :-)
It's best to go the my sundclick page and listen to all three parts... "Summer day" - phase 1, 2 and 3
These are also free do download... Close you're eyes and LISTEN.. it's a free trip.
Phase 1 is sort of ambient to noise...
Phase 2 more rhythm oriented and phase 3 a bit more relaxed, perhaps ambient
Have a WONDERFUL weekend..